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Writers' Support Page

Our publishing support covers the following areas:

  • Consultation and advice
  • Recommendations in selection of:
    • Beta readers
    • Editors
    • Cover artists
  • Book and document formatting
  • Print and digital publishing preparation
  • Assistance with book publication

We support the following book formats

A Writer's Dilemma

Writing presents many challenges. Depending on its author, writing is an art, an expression of individuality and inspiration, a skill that benefits the author, the reader, or both. Whether you are a novel writer, a journalist, a science professor, or a doctor, your writing has a purpose. Defining the purpose of your writing can enhance it's quality.

For some, writing is a job, for others, it is much more than that. In all cases writing has the potential of enriching both the author and the reader. Freedom of expression granted by the ability to write has inspired many to become authors throughout history. The desire to write has been shared by many down to our day, perhaps more so now than ever before!

  • Do you have an idea that could turn into a novel?
  • Is your imagination quite vivid, making you see things, events, people or situations?
  • Have you learned about a subject enough to appreciate its real value?
  • Do you understand the reasons behind certain events, people's behavior, or laws in nature?
  • Could others benefit from your writing?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, you CAN be a writer. Do not allow your creativity and imagination to be limited or even squashed by refraining from sharing your story. The satisfaction and additional benefits which result from publishing your book are well worth the effort and determination! Sadly, not all writers become published authors. Even well written material, having all the potential of inspiring others or helping many, too often remains hidden in personal diaries, notebooks, and files that never become known to those who could truly appreciate it.

Publishing your work involves many steps. Many writers never get published because they are simply not familiar or comfortable with the process. Do NOT let that happen to you!

Here, at Sparrow Ink, it is our objective to help you become a published author!

  • Take the needed steps to prepare your work for publishing
  • Get help in making decisions about your writing
  • Get in touch with beta readers and editors who will point you in the right direction
  • Publish your material and enjoy the accomplishment that comes from completing your work
  • Become a published author!

Submission Guidelines for Authors

1. Before submitting your proposal, do your best to determine that your subject matter fits our publishing program. 2. Include the following in your submission:* A 200-word (approximate) synopsis of the book. A good synopsis should generate interest. If you were in a bookstore reading the back-cover text on your book, what would it say? What would make you want to read this book if you weren't the author?* A marketing summary. Who is the intended audience for your book? What makes your book unique? How does it compare to existing books on a similar topic or of a similar nature? Why do you believe it will be a publishing success?* Copies (or a detailed list) of the photographs you'd like to use. When we evaluate a manuscript, we consider the illustrative materials that will be available to support it. Original photos/illustrations are not required at the evaluation stage. Note: Authors are contractually responsible for paying for permissions and licensing fees, so bear this in mind as you compile images and illustrations. If your book will rely heavily on digital photographs, you will need to ensure that their resolution is adequate for printing.* Biographical information: your background, inspiration, interests/expertise pertinent to this project.* A table of contents, and either the entire manuscript or two to three sample chapters. Please do not format your copy except for italicizing where appropriate.3. Email your submission to

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