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Data management

One of the most common challenges faced by small business industry is maintaining business data. Information needed to run the operations may come from different sources, keeping things organized presents a real challenge.

Our team has developed various strategies and tools to make data accessibility easy and fun! These include mobile apps, data automation, online collaboration, spreadsheet like data organization, cross referencing tricks, online manuals and many other easily accessible tools that will make your team work together at all times.

Mobile app development

Mobile devices are valuable business tools. Carry your data with you and use it anytime.

Use our team's expertise to organize your business data into an easy to use and inexpensive mobile application! Providing access to necessary information for your team wherever they are, will instantly boost the productivity and efficiency of your business. Visit our app page for more details.

Online manual creation

Even the simplest service requires detail oriented knowledge and reliable reference material.

Bring your entire team on "the same page" when it comes to procedures, policies and problem handling with an easy to use manual accessible to everyone you choose. Our team of consultants will assist you with determining the following:

  • what goes into your business/office manual,
  • which tasks are a matter of procedure,
  • what should become a policy,
  • how to create concise and easy to follow reference,
  • who should have access to your knowledge,

After a thorough understanding of your business needs, we will create a comprehensive online manual, ensuring that your team works together using the latest technology!

Virtual Assistance Services

If you often feel overwhelmed with tasks that need to be tracked and completed on time, this service is for you!

We provide monthly assistance plans that will fit your needs and your budget. Having an assigned personal assistant will free up your valuable time and eliminate stress associated with losing track of those important little things. Scan the following services and see if we can help:

  • Personal monthly bill payments
  • Small business client invoicing
  • Small business website design and maintenance

We will gladly take over your stress to professionally look after your personal or business needs!