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We are here to provide support to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Let our Business IQ speed up the workflow of your team, simplify your record keeping, improve accounting procedures, minimize your workload, maximize sales, and provide business solutions.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who enjoy seeing other businesses succeed and expand. With over 25 years of business experience we recommend our expertise, skills, and contacts to promote and grow your business.

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We are here to provide support to new and published writers.

Using our contacts and in house expertise, we assist writers with their editorial, publishing, and promotional needs.

Have an idea for a book? Better yet, have a book ready? Bring your hard work to completion and turn it into a profitable success story!

Let our team walk you through the steps needed to have your book prepared for publishing and ready to hit the market.

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Facts of life:

  • Confidence and wisdom are demonstrated in one's ability to ask questions

  • Your best friends are those who bring out the best in you, choose your team wisely

  • Finding fault is counterproductive, find the remedy and enjoy the results

  • Recognize potential and you will hold the key to success

History and Experience

Sparrow Business IQ is a family based enterprise, established in 1998. It began with a contract of commitment and loyalty between a Poland born entrepreneur and a Canadian volunteer. The intellect and experience of our team developed and grew over the years with the acquisition and sale of real estate properties, automotive and service business investments, interactions with people of various backgrounds, and extensive involvement in volunteer work in Canada, US, Bolivia, Nicaragua and several European countries.

As many experienced entrepreneurs realize, running a successful business depends mainly on ones' ability to form and maintain relationships with people. This valuable ability requires knowledgeable approach, understanding of people, and willingness to adapt new ideas. For these and other reasons the Sparrow team has gained valuable experience while travelling on research, engaging in conversation with people of various political, social and financial backgrounds, and while acquiring relevant education.

Our global view and understanding of people's nature gives us the advantage of seeing potential at the early stages of ideas. Our multinational makeup builds our conviction that every person has the ability to contribute valuable perspective. We take pride in channeling our efforts into building a better society and look forward to a much better future!

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