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Writing a book is a project requiring good planning and organization.

If you are a fiction writer, you know that keeping good track of your characters, events, places, timing of your story line, etc. is very important. This applies even more to non-fiction writers, where accuracy of facts, integrity, and reliability of the information defines the quality of your book.

Are you an Indie Author?

In addition to writing a good book, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of your newsletter information, swaps with other authors, publishing schedules, media presence and posts, and even the money you spend on ads, promos, art, editors etc.

If you don't have a good system to organize your writing career, you will likely notice an increase in your stress levels, which will have a negative impact on your creativity, and overall well being.

We are here to help!

Our newly developed Writer's Desk app, will allow you to

    • keep all your important information in one place
    • collaborate with other authors
    • plan your newsletters
    • keep track of your word count
    • keep track of your book writing money

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