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App Facts

Our apps run on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, and Windows devices of any size so you can access your data anytime, anywhere!

To maintain our edge, we have partnered with Appsheet, an innovative network of developers providing platform for app construction. We recognize the value of collective intelligence, it enables us to resolve challenges and common developers' problems quickly and efficiently.

Small Business Sample App Package

The following chart provides an example of how we can design your apps, allowing secure data sharing between your management team, contractors, and employees. This example is designed to serve the needs of a small or medium sized service business.

For apps and websites for writers please visit our Writer's Desk page

This is the only app you need if your business fits the following criteria:

  • You run your business yourself

  • You need an app that will do everything for you on your phone, desktop or tablet

  • You are thinking of expanding one day

If you have people working for you, please see our next two supplementary apps!

You will need this app if contractors or employees do the work for you

  • Share your data with your teams

  • Get reports on the job progress live!

  • Supervise your teams using their mobile device

If you have an office with employees assigned various duties, see our next app!

This app allows you to organize your employees giving them access only to the data they need

  • Share all or part of your business data

  • Define profiles and multilevel access for your employees

If your organization requires a more complex approach, please contact us to design your app to fit your needs!

Our app development team will design the app solution that fits your needs!

Our diligent research will ensure following all legal requirements for privacy and security in your country or province.

Our business apps are developed with you in mind!

Here is a few steps we take to create mobile app for your business:

  • We first study your business process to understand what the app needs to accomplish

  • We ask you a few specific questions about your preferences

  • We look at your business data and work with you to ensure we don't miss any important details

  • We create multiple spreadsheets to accommodate things like client lists, job schedules, calendar entries, pricing of your products and services, quotes, invoices, payments etc.

  • We consult with you about the accuracy of our understanding

  • We build an app that will bring all that into one neatly organized icon showing your company logo

  • We create a brief online manual for you and your employees if needed, so that all questions can be answered instantly, from the same source

Launch your app from our deck!

Some apps designed by our team

  • Writer's Desk App

  • Private Contacts App

  • Business CRM

    • (Client Relationship Management)

  • Invoicing App

  • Client Support App

  • Public Speaker Scheduler

  • Forestry Ops

  • Personal Data Pocket

We also provide support for app developers

  • Learn how to make your own apps

  • Build a simple app and let us make improvements and additions

  • Have an idea for an app?

  • Need an app to keep track of your ideas, equipment, contacts, or employees?

We are here to support you!