• Initial 30 minutes consultation
    • Always FREE!
  • Business strategy & data organization
    • $150.00/hr
  • Marketing advice & recommendations
    • $100.00/hr
    • Monthly support - $75.00/month

App Design

  • Single app design
    • Initial setup - $600.00
    • Ongoing support - $25.00/user/month
  • Multilevel data access secondary apps
    • Initial setup - $400.00/app
    • Ongoing support - $15.00/user/month

Virtual Assistance

  • Bill Payment Plans
    • Personal Assistance - $35.00/month
    • Small Business Invoicing - $95.00/month
  • Simple website design and maintenance
    • Initial setup - $600.00
    • Ongoing support - $25.00/month

Our price lists above reflect estimated cost of our services. For more detailed or complex quotes please arrange for a free consultation. Our brief assessment of your business or personal needs will enable us to provide you with options and solutions that fit both, your needs and your budget.

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We are a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario, serving our clients around the world.

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