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Our studies suggest:

Today's business community recognizes the value and power of collective thinking. Business intelligence provides the engine driving the success of any enterprise. The complicated world of business today presents many challenges that can be met successfully only by a team holding variety of perspectives.

Constant research, innovation and adaptation to new ways of doing business are essential. The real value of your business exists only if you have the means to resolve current needs and meet the challenges of the future.

Don't be surprised or left behind by your competition! Maintain your business intelligence to excel in your field!

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Small Business facts

Whether you've been running your business for a while or just starting out, you probably realize that it takes a good measure of organization and discipline to make things work. Today's business owner cannot realistically be an expert in all of the specialized areas his business needs. For that reason it is critically important to cultivate and maintain relationships with a support team. Typically such teams include:

  • customers or clients

  • employees and/or subcontractors

  • a bank and a merchant service provider

  • an accountant/tax specialist and a bookkeeper

  • a lawyer

  • an insurance broker

  • a sales and marketing professional

  • a training provider

  • an IT specialist and organizationalist

Because it is unlikely that all of the above expertise will be available in-house, it is crucial for the owner to develop and maintain close working relationships with the outside professionals who can fill the need without breaking the bank.

Sparrow team support

We have developed strategies and contacts that can contribute to your business idea. Understanding your challenges enables us to help your business to overcome the hurdles that slow you down. Here are some tips that we have found helpful:

  • centralize and file information about your clients in a way that can be found quickly (this is especially important when your sales rely on repeat business or referrals)

  • allow your employees and subcontractors access to the information they need, and limit their access to the information they don't need

  • avoid double entry which often eats up your time and that of your employees

  • simplify your billing and accounting methods, collect your money faster

  • don't hire a lawyer unless absolutely necessary, those guys are expensive - most times you can negotiate your way around major problems on your own or with the help of a knowledgeable consultant

  • take time to understand your insurance policy - you likely do not need all the coverage offered

  • be sure to keep getting new business, prepare a reasonable plan to grow and allocate a budget for that purpose

  • keep your team up to date with technology and business tricks, this will ensure you stay ahead of your competition

  • maintain a high level of organization, and take advantage of ever expanding business technology

A reasonable approach and skillful assessment of what is necessary, versus what would be nice to have, will help you avoid major setbacks and will enable you to stand out as different and unique in your field.

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